Pickled Head

This is one of those totally gross props that is so easy to make.

Pickled Head

What you need

Rubber Halloween Mask
Large Jar
Food Coloring


Buy a halloween mask and place it into a large jar or bottle.

Fill the container with water and some food coloring.. either a few drops of green for slime or red for blood.

You can add a few tablespoons of milk for a more muddy look.


  1. I’m sure my grandsons are going to love it-Granny G.

  2. Great idea.

  3. kewl

  4. Great idea!

  5. with the right mask this is a great mood setter…

  6. egyptologist1992 says

    awesome and you could also add some fake worms and magots to make it look like it’s rotting!

  7. totally gross! I love it!

  8. CraftBits (Shellie Wilson) says

    I am Sure if you place a candle behind the jar it will light it up nicely

  9. Very cool idea! I may do this and figure a way to illuminate it for on my porch for trick or treat night!

  10. We had a halloween party last night sure wish I would have seen this A head of time..

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