Personalized Printed Ribbon

Personalized Printed Ribbon

Creating personalized ribbons is easy as long as you know how (and have access to the supplies and a computer+printer). With step by step directions, learn how to do this in this project.

What you need

Injet Printer
Double Stick Tape
Thin Ribbon (no wire)
A bit of imagination


1. Create your personalized message along with any clipart you want to use. Set your size to one that will fit on your ribbon

2. Print your message on regular paper.

3. Lay your ribbon over your message to make sure it fits, if it doesn’t reprint your message on paper and lay your ribbon over until it fits. You want to make sure you choose a thin ribbon (no wire) that will lay flat.

4. Iron your ribbon to make sure it will lay straight.

5. Add double stick tape to the BACK of your ribbon. The side you want to print on should be face up.

6. Lay your ribbon on to the paper over your message. Smooth out any kinks and bumps.

7. Take your paper with the ribbon attached to your printer.

8. Print your message. Don’t touch your ribbon.

9. Embellish your ribbon even more with a embossing powder. Heat your embossing powder. This will set your embossing and your typed message so it will not smear.

Image Source: LicenseAttributionShare Alike Some rights reserved by Regal Ribbons


  1. I made some ribbon that I LOVE thank you so much! But I do have a question how do I print longer than one sheet long? If I’m using it for a bow

  2. WOW ! So useful , since all the custom ribbons avalaible online are way to expensive!!! I did it w/out double stick tape and it turned out great.

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