Paper Fall Leaves

Paper Fall Leaves

This kids craft project is great for fall activities, thanksgiving and much more.

What you need

paper to paint on
paint: orange, red, brown, yellow (fall colours)
leaf stencil


My class of 2 year olds love to paint but mostly paint “well colours” all mixed up.

I thought I would take their art and make it into something else than the usual picture of colours.

Give the children fall colours only.

A piece of paper and then you let them decide how they want to paint and in what colors.

Afterwards you let the painting dry, draw on a leaf stencil and cut it out.

So easy!


  1. If you make a bunch of leaves, you can make a wreath for fall out of them to hang on your door. Just make a circle from cardboard to stick the leaves on (an O shape) and hang it from the door with either a large suction cup with a hook, or buy a wreath hook from a store.

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