Ornament Cascade Mobile

Ornament Cascade Mobile

This Christmas garland is easy to make and looks fantastic hanging over your Christmas dinner table or hanging from the ceiling.

What you need

Assorted Plastic or metal Christmas balls
Lengths of garlands
Icicle ornaments
Fishing Line
Wire hoop or cardboard for top
Scrap fabric


You can use as many or as little ornaments that you have on hand, which makes this project very versatile. It is also a great way to recycle ornaments if you have a color theme change.

To make the top cut out your desired shape from heavy card. You could cut out a diamond, circle or square.

Then cut approx 2 inches from the center of it to make a hole. Cover the cardboard with fabric scraps or wrap it with ribbon.

Stitch or glue on some beading around the edge. You can loop the bead garland into swags if you want it to hang down.

Make 4-6 drops by threading balls onto a length of fishing line and secure each ball into a different position by securing it with a knot.

You can hang bells from the center or small Christmas ornaments in this project. We hung a wire angel.

You can drop lengths of beads down from different sides. Using fishing line tie your top shape and the 4 corners into a single knot in the middle of the mobile. You may need help to tie the hanging knot at the top as you don’t want your knot to be unbalanced or your mobile will tilt.

You can cover up the fishing line with more beaded garlands or even some ribbon. You are only limited by your imagination!


  1. wow!

  2. now I Know what to use all my cheap broken necklaces ty

  3. Very nice and pretty like it a lot.

  4. This is not only creative, but the one you made is pretty. I wish I had the idea when I worked with Girl Scouts.

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