Napkin Ring – Recycled Toilet Rolls

Napkin Ring – Recycled Toilet Rolls

These Christmas toilet roll napkin rings are a great way to make personalized napkin rings. They are inexpensive making them ideal for large parties and school projects.

What you need

Toilet Rolls


Take your toilet roll and cut it into half. Then use your paints and embellishments to decorate the rings to suit your décor.

These napkin rings are fun for kids to make as gifts for grandparents, teacher gifts or loved one.

Just box them up and make a pretty little “Handmade by…” tag for a super unique and practical gift.


  1. Use paper towel rolls not toilet paper rolls.
    Lets keep things as clean as possible.
    Who handled it last and were thier hands clean?

  2. Very cute! I think I am going to make them for my family!!

  3. I love to decorate my holiday table. I have a 5 yr. old who I had fun making them with and he loved showing them off.

  4. I’m going to use it for my Sunday School craft lesson. I’m going to encourage the children to write scripture on them as well.

  5. Didn’t know what 2 expect with toilet paper roll napkin rings, but that just shows how unimaginative i am. these are very nice.

  6. lovely idea

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