Miniature Candy Stocking

Miniature Candy Stocking

A very simple pattern to create a stocking for Christmas to hold candy!

What you need

Small amounts of
Sport weight (5 ply) main color and white wool
3mm(no 11) knitting needles


5 ply main color and white wool

3 mm (no 11) knitting needles

Cast on 30 sts in main color.

K 6 rows.

Row 7, K 14, K2 tog, turn, slip 1, K4, K2 tog and turn.

Continue until 17 sts remain.

K 20 rows in garter st in main color.

Join in white wool and K 6 rows.

Cast off leaving a long thread to make a loop for hanging on the tree!

Sew up seams and fill with lollies, rolls of mints or other miniature gifts.


  1. Didnt know size 11 needle thing, seems too thick of needle . Used size 6 and followed directions then made shoe string style for a high top style . Sooo cute .

  2. Are the 17 stitches left all on one needle?

  3. The repeat is at the turn. So after you complete the instructions for row 7 and have turned it you slip one k4 k2 tog turn slip one k4 k2 tog turn etc until you have 17 stitches left. Is very easy once you know that!

  4. Very hard pattern to follow. Got to row 7 alright but couldn’t follow it after that. I didn’t know were to repeat.

  5. I really, really wanted to make this stocking. I tried to work on it 2 years ago and never figured it out. I have started again this year and am now on my third try. I have no problem with knitting 6 rows and doing row 7 the first time but then don’t know where to start repeat. I would so appreciate any help.

  6. Way cute, I plan to make them for little office gifts

  7. I had this pattern many years ago but lost it and have been looking for the pattern again! Thank you!

  8. I have tried to knit this stocking but it does not say from which line you repeat. I had a very time following it and had to find another pattern.

  9. I made these years ago for my childrens friends and am about to make some more. They are great with a packet of lifesavers for a little gift. Have been looking for the pattern again. Thankyou.

  10. excellent and easy to make, thanks!

  11. I’m 10 years old and I gave one to my 11 year old cousin and she absolutely adores it!

  12. Great idea! I am going to make some of these for next Christmas and fill with little sweets to put on the Christmas tree. So cute!

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