Mickey Mouse Ears Halloween Wreath

Mickey Mouse Ears Halloween Wreath

This Halloween wreath is so easy to make and uses inexpensive supplies from the Dollar tree store. Create these fun Disney-inspired Mickey Mouse ears for a festive Halloween Door wreath.

What you need

Wreath Form

Plastic spiders

Orange tinsel

Orange Flower heads

Black Flower heads

E6000 Glue


This Disney-inspired Mickey Mouse Ears Wreath photo was contributed by Britney W.  Thank you so much for sharing your finished wreath with us Britney, We love it!

To create this wreath you need 2 wreath rings or wreath forms. You will need 2 small ones and one large one. You can also create these forms out of wire coat hangers if you do not have access to wreath forms.

If you are making your wreath rings yourself, wrap the wire around a paint tin or large round object to create a nice round shape.

Start by attaching your forms together in the shape of Mickey mouse ears, I like to use a couple of clip ties to secure my wreaths to form the base.

Once you have your basic mickey mouse ear shape it is time to decorate it. The large wreath, the bottom of the Disney Ears is bound with an orange garland. Orange garland is usually easy to find around Halloween time, you could also use Orange bin bags, or fabric if you couldn’t find the garlands.

The two smaller wreaths are decorated by gluing orange and black flower heads into place, for this I suggest using a strong glue like E6000 as the wreath will be in the weather on your porch or a strong hot glue.

Finish off your Disney Ear Wreath by adding plastic spiders to complete the Halloween theme.

What do you think of this project? Let us know!