Masculine Leather Bracelet

Masculine Leather Bracelet

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What you need

Recycled Leather Belt
Scissors or Sharp Blade
Leather Strapping or chunky shoelaces
Hole punch
Paper clips
2 key rings or large jump rings.


This recycled craft project shows you how to make a masculine bracelet cuff using a recycled leather belt.

Cut a 3 inch length off a black belt, using the end of the belt that has the holes punched into it as shown.

Using a small finish nail, and a hammer, punch a hole at each end . Open up a paper clip, and form a loop at the end with needle nose pliers. Pass this loop into the punched nail hole on one side of the 3 inch length of belt. Using the pliers tighten the loop closed, and cut the paper clip long enough to form another loop, (about 1 inch long.) Form a loop at the other end of the paper clip, and attach a key ring, close the loop using the pliers.

On each key ring, tie a shoe lace, or leather laces, and cut them so that they are approximately 4 inches long each.
Use the leather lace, or shoe laces to tie the bracelet on.


  1. I agree, this could be simplified.
    It looks like there is to much going on with the rings and things added to it. I’d just put the leather through the existing holes.

  2. Nice project. It can be simplified though. If it’s not too thick, the leather shoe-lace can be tied through the end holes on the belt segment. No need for the Hole punch, Paper clips, key rings large jump rings, or nail .

  3. rustyrosy says


  4. This is very cute and stylish!

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