Make your own Burlap Candy Corn Banner

Make your own Burlap Candy Corn Banner

Perfect for Autumn, this candy corn banner is completely DIY - and will add the Fall colors to your backyard or party decor with the minimum effort. Try making it today!

What you need

Craft Burlap
Acrylic Paints in Yellow, Orange and White
Paint Brush
Sewing Machine


Burlap Banner Supplies

Burlap Banner Supplies

1. Cut out 5 (or more) 6” long triangles from your burlap. Round the corners off to make them candy corn shaped.

Corn Pieces From Burlap

2. Paint the top 2” white using acrylic paint. You can use a strip of masking tape as a guide to get straight lines if you need to. Be sure to get paint in all of the holes in the burlap. This might more than one of coat of paint.

Paint Corner White

3. Using your orange acrylic paint, paint the next 2” in the middle of the candy corn, below the white. Apply more masking tape if you need a guide for straight lines.

Paint over with orange

4. On the bottom 2” of your burlap candy corn, use yellow acrylic paint to color it. I had used Yellow burlap, so I didn’t have to paint the yellow on mine, but if you’re using regular burlap be sure to paint the bottom 2” yellow.

5. Cut a 50” piece of ribbon. (Or longer, depending on how many candy corns you make) and place your candy corn out evenly along the ribbon, pinning the ribbon to the burlap candy corn.

Place pieces on a ribbon

6. Using your sewing machine (or needle and thread) stitch down the ribbon to your candy corn banners.

Candy Corn Banner

All finished!



  1. Jan and Ron Van Ord says

    Love it! Anxious to try it!

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