Make A 4th of July Inspired Hair Bow

Make A 4th of July Inspired Hair Bow

Grab the materials as listed below and try making a 4th of July inspired hair bow. Check out the tutorial!

What you need

Satin Ribbons, scissor, hot glue, needle and thread, blank hair clip and bead.


step (1)

Step-1: You will need 3 pieces of satin ribbon, 2 (red and blue) for the bow and the 1 (white) for the middle. The red satin ribbon should be 2 inches wide and 7 inches long and the blue one- 1 inch wide, 9 inches long. But you can cut the ribbons into any length you want. The satin ribbon piece for the middle can be of any width but 1.5 inches long. After cutting the ribbons carefully burn the open ends to secure the satin fabric.

step (2)

Step-2: Apply glue on any one side of the ribbons’ width (for both red and blue satin ribbon) and stick it with the other side. Allow the glue to dry.

step (3)

Step-3: After the glue dries, hold the glued satin ribbons as shown in the 1st picture of this step, placing the glued area in the middle. Create small folds in the middle to make the bow. Use a small amount of thread for tying a knot in the middle, so that the small folds don’t come off.

step (4)

Step-4: Take the small white satin ribbon and fold it as shown in the 2nd picture of this step. Wrap it around the bow in the middle. Sew the open ends of the white ribbon using needle and thread on the back.

step (5)

Step-5: You can simply attach the bow on a blank hair clip using hot glue. You may also attach a small bead on the middle piece to make the bow look more attractive. Wear it and enjoy!


  1. Judy Pennington says

    One of my grandson’s birthday is 7/2 and since the 44th is on a Sunday this year, I have an idea for his present. He loves bowties and this would make a great one for him to wear to Church!!

  2. These projects are very easy to do.

  3. I love it…very informative. ..

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