Magnetic Coaster Album

Magnetic Coaster Album

Alter a cardboard beer coaster and make a creative calendar for your refrigerator or office file cabinet. As an alternative, add Post Its or a photo instead... the possibilities are endless!

What you need

Cardboard beer coaster (4″x4″ square shown here)
Double Sided Tacky Tape (ex. Stampin’ Up® Sticky Strip™ or Provo Craft® Terrifically Tacky Tape®)
Paper Trimmer
Corner Rounder
Scrapbook adhesive (ex. Herma Dotto adhesive)
1 sheet of patterned scrapbook paper
6 inch piece of 3/8″ wide ribbon
1 three dimensional Glue Dot
1 small sized Button
1 tear away calendar (3″ x 2″ size show here can be purchased online)
Peel & Stick Magnetic strip (adhesive backed)


1. Choose one piece of patterned scrapbook paper to cover your coaster. Cut out a piece measuring 4″ x 4″”. Take corner rounder and round all four corners of paper.

2. Generously add scrapbook adhesive along the perimeter of the coaster, particularly in the corners. Carefully adhere patterned scrapbook paper to coaster. When adhering paper, first, line up and affix the rounded corners at the bottom of the coaster and work your way upwards.

3. Add double sided tacky tape along the back of your piece of 3/8″ ribbon. Remove red film and carefully adhere ribbon across the top of your coaster, approximately 1/4″ from the top. Be sure to begin adhering the ribbon from the back of the coaster, tightly wrapping around your first edge, running entirely across the coaster, and finally wrapping tightly around the other edge and stopping at the back.

4. Add a three dimensional glue dot to the back of your small button and affix on top of the ribbon, in the center of the coaster.

5. Generously apply double sided tacky tape along the perimeter of the tear-away calendar, particularly along the top and in the corners. Peel away the red film from the double sided tacky tape and carefully adhere tear-away calendar to coaster. Adhere calendar directly underneath the ribbon (approximately 1″ down), and in the center of the coaster.

6. Cut out several pieces from magnetic strip and remove paper backing. Peel and stick magnet pieces on the back of the coaster. Be sure to add strips along the top and at all four corners in order to make magnetic force strong enough. The larger the magnetic pieces, the stronger the magnet will be. If adding a Post It pad instead of a calendar, add extra magnetic strips to accommodate the added weight.

An Original Design by: Jennifer Camacho


  1. You can get free customizable calendars to print at:

  2. beautiful!

    and calendars can be made in Microsoft word. there are templates for that, i think…
    either that or you can find them on the net by typing 2009 calendar

  3. I am having a hard time find the calendars. Any help

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