Lighted Christmas Vase

Lighted Christmas Vase

These lighted Christmas vases are great for centerpieces and are so easy to make.

What you need

Large glass bowl, vase of canning jar
Battery operated christmas lights


Take your large bowl, vase or a large canning jar and fill it with tinsel, bows and other small Christmas or holiday items.

Place some small battery operated lights among the tinsel as you go.

The more scatted it looks the better! Try not to over arrange it.

And that is it!

Lighted Xmas Vase View


  1. i also did something like this but put potpourri with the also pretty

  2. These are very pretty, I make something similar last Christmas from an old wine bottle. Very pretty when the lights are lit.

  3. cute idea

  4. th first one looks a little sloppy, but the one with the red balls is very nice!

  5. could be used all year round.

  6. This is great. I was able to use my vase that is normally displayed, I didn’t pack it away like usual. I LOVE THIS ELEGANT, WARM, HOLIDAY DECOR IDEA. THANKS

  7. awesome love the look

  8. Fast, easy, inexpensive, and elegant! Kids can get in on the decorating fun, too. Great idea!

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