Lets Leopard – Easter Eggs

Lets Leopard – Easter Eggs

Create some funky Easter Eggs with these leopard Print Easter egg designs.

What you need

yellow highlighter
orange/gold eye shadow
Sharpie or liquid eye-liner


Whoa now. Did someone say leopard print Easter eggs? Yeah, totally did. I’m going there. After my last “crafty” post, I realized that quite honestly, I have a LOT of fun making silly things. SO let’s make it a regular happening around here.

Easter is coming up and I’ve been seeing a ton of fun ideas popping up on the Pinterest machine. I thought I’d join in and somehow my brain ended at leopard. Nothing says Easter like a little bit of animal print, right? Whatever. You know you love it. 😉

The BEST part is that these are SUPER easy and you probably have all of the supplies already. I know it looks complicated, but I’m telling you — leopard print, cheetah print, jaguar…that whole family of prints = E A S Y. Easy because the sloppier and more haphazardly you draw, the better. I know this because I painted half of my face “leopard” for Halloween in under five minutes last season.

On we go with the tutorial! I made you a lil info-graphic:


  1. I don’t really understand the point of the coffee? Are we supposed to rub the grounds on the egg? Dunk it in coffee? Roll it in the used grinds? Are these eggs then edible? Were they hollowed out? Fake eggs? A little wording would have been nice…this isn’t ikea..

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