Leather Key Ring Tags

Leather Key Ring Tags

Make your own leather key ring tags in this simple project.

What you need

For each tag:
Key ring fitting
Scraps of suede or leather fabric Glue


Cut 2 pieces of strong leather, each 1 3/4 inch by 21/4 inch, and a piece of firm card about 1/4 inch smaller.

Round off the top of each leather piece. Cut a small piece of leather 1/2 an inch by 1 inch, fold in half length ways and glue together. Loop through the ring, and join both ends together with a dab of glue.

Glue card on to wrong side of one section of leather tag. Then glue one side of ends of loops (already through the ring) on to this. Glue other section of tag in place, so that the card and the ends of the loop are sandwiched between.

When glue has set, stitch all round and fasten off neatly and firmly. You can add any motif you like, but we have made a simple moon crest to get you started. Make the crescent motif by marking a 1 3/4 inch circle on the back of a small piece of white leather and marking a 7/8 inch circle inside it, against the edge.

Cut out the crescent shape only and glue to one side of the tag, Repeat for the other side, but attach the crescent the other way up. If preferred the crescents may be glued and stitched on the leather before making up the tag.

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