Lace Valentine Hearts

Lace Valentine Hearts

Use fabric and lace to create memorable decoration pieces using this simple Valentine heart pattern.

What you need

13×15″ piece lightweight cardboard (a recycled box is great)
Coordinating fabric pieces in the following sizes:
8 1/2″ x 9 1/2″
7″ x 8″
6″ x 6 1/2″
26″ x 36″ piece cotton batting.
26″ x 36″ piece nonwoven iron on interfacing.
2 yds gathered craft lace.
Ribbon, buttons, small flowers, beads as desired for trims.
Optional: Piece of lace fabric the same size as one of the fabric pieces.

Low temp glue gun.
Iron & ironing surface.
Large needle.


Use this love heart pattern:


Make 4 extra copies of the pattern sheet so you can cut out one each of the 4 hearts.

Set heart pattern (number) #4 aside.

Cut one cardboard heart from each of heart patterns numbered 1, 2 & 3.

Cut TWO pieces of batting from each of the heart patterns numbered 1, 2 & 3.

Cut one interfacing heart from each of the heart patterns numbered 1, 2 & 3.

Set heart pattern #1 aside.

Cut one fabric heart from each of heart patterns numbered 2, 3 & 4.

If you choose to cover one heart with lace, cut the lace heart the same size as the fabric heart.

To construct the largest heart, lay the largest piece of fabric right side down on the work surface.

Center the 2 largest pieces of batting on top of the fabric & place the largest cardboard heart on top of that. (a dab of glue will hold the batting in place but do not glue the batting & fabric together as it will leave a mark on the finished heart.)

Clip the fabric at the bottom point & the top indentation as far as the cardboard. Beginning at the top indentation, put a line of hot glue along the edge about 1″ on either side & fold the top edge of the fabric over the glue line. Press down carefully.

Rotate the heart halfway around & put a line of glue about 1″ on either side of the bottom point. Fold the fabric edge over the glue line stretching & smoothing it. Make certain the tip is securely glued.

Repeat this process at either side.

Finish the four remaining areas, stretching & smoothing the fabric so there are no wrinkles on the front side.

If you opt to cover the heart with lace fabric, place the fabric covered heart face down on the top of the lace heart & repeat the previous steps to glue the lace into place.

To add the lace edging, place the fabric covered heart face down on the work surface. Fold about 1/2″ to the back on one end of the lace & glue it one or two inches at a time to the back edge of the heart beginning at the center top indentation. Do not stretch the lace as you apply it but ease it together as much as possible & pinch a tiny “dart” into the bottom point so it won’t curl. Glue the lace evenly around the outer edge, overlap at the end & cut off the excess.

To finish the back, use a hot iron to press the largest interfacing heart to the cardboard according to the manufacturers instructions.

Assemble the 2 remaining hearts in the same manner.

These may be hung individually or as a trio. To attach 3 together, lay all 3 finished hearts on the work surface overlapping as desired. Apply glue to the areas that overlap & press into place. Glue on trims as desired. To hang, fold a length of ribbon in half & knot the cut ends. Pierce the fabric & batting at the top with the needle & let the hearts hang freely. Move the needle until you find where it hangs level. Mark this place at the back & glue the knotted ribbon securely at this point.

If desired, fashion a pocket from leftover fabric or interfacing, glue around the edges & attach it to the back of one heart. Insert money or a gift card.



  1. very nice project thanks

  2. Martha Jenkins says

    Thanks for the nice comment about my project. It’s my original design.

  3. a great project i’ve told my friends .i like it

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