Knitted Toy Snake

Knitted Toy Snake

This free knitting toy pattern shows you how to make a fun kids snake.

What you need

Size 11 ( 8mm) needles
Chunky (12 ply) wool
Approx 40 inch (1mt) Snake


Cast on 24sts

Row 1 K
Row 2 K1,P1
These 2 rows form the pattern.

This one was created using 84 rows changing colors ever 12 rows.

Pattern 6 Rows
Now begin the shaping

K2 tog at each end of every K row
Pattern 1 Row inbetween.
K2 tog at each end.
Pattern 1 Row
K2 Tog at each end
Pattern 1 Row.

Cast off.

Make up

The seam goes underneath. When you come to the head, flaten the face out. Make a tongue with a chain stitch or a piece of felt. Sew into place across the mouth.

Draw up the back cast on edges and secure.

All done!


  1. even i can do it

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