Kitsch Tissue Box Cover

Kitsch Tissue Box Cover

The title says it all. The picture shows it all. Make this vintage tissue box cover for you or your grandma!

What you need

Quilted fabric
60 cm of wide lace
bias binding tape


Size: Fits a 150 tissue box with center opening.

A 1 cm seam allowance has been included on edges where necessary.

Quilted Fabric
Cut 2 14cm x 9cm Ends
Cut 2 26cm x 12cm Side tops

Side tops:
Sew lace to one long edge of side top pieces. Then encase this edge in bias binding tape.

Place 2 side pieces together with lace edges meeting and tack tog at ends.

Pin ends of cover around 2 short and one long edge of the end piece. Right sides together, matching the center of long edge to slit between side top pieces and stitch.

Repeat this with the other end piece.

Encase lower edge of tissue box cover with bias binding tape.


Cut 4 pieces of bias binding tape 12 cm long, press each over in half length ways and stitch down close to the edges.

Sew the ties to both sides of the top edge 5 cm away from the edge and tie together in bows.


  1. I like this project a lot. Simple and easy to follow instructions! Suits me down to the ground! Thanks! Any more like this???

  2. Great pattern and gift idea

  3. just the pattern i have been looking for – top marks! easy to read & follow & prints on 1 page!!!!

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