Kids Craft – Paper Unicorn Rainbow

Kids Craft – Paper Unicorn Rainbow

This kids craft project shows you how to make a fun Unicorn themed rainbow.

What you need

  1. Colored craft papers – 7 colors of the rainbow and pink
  2. White stationary paper
  3. Craft glue
  4. Pencil
  5. Black pen or marker
  6. Scissors



Step (1)

Select colored craft papers and the white stationary paper. Trace the patterns from the template on the selected craft papers and cut out the traced patterns nicely.

PATTERN Unicorn Rainbow Craft

Step (2)

Take the 2 flower patterns and glue them together criss-cross wise; similarly prepare 2 more flower patterns. Take any one of the inner ear patterns and glue it on the outer ear pattern; similarly prepare the other pair of ears.

Step (3)

Take the oval pattern (unicorn head) and use a black inked pen or marker to draw the face of the unicorn.

Step (4)

Glue the horn and the 2 ears on both sides of the horns, at the back side of the unicorn head piece.

Step (5)

Take the 2 pink heart patterns and glue them on both cheeks of the unicorn’s head. Also glue the flower patterns along the top side of the unicorn head; right below the horn and ears.

Step (6)

Flip the unicorn head to the other side and place it on a flat surface. Arrange the 7 rainbow colored strips from opposite direction (starting from red).

Step (7)

Start gluing the cut out rainbow strips along the bottom side of the unicorn head’s back side.

Step (8)

Remember to place the rainbow colored strips appropriately (purple, blue, sky blue, green, yellow, orange and red).

Step (9)

Done gluing all the rainbow colors? Turn the unicorn head to the right side. Add more details if you want to.



  1. Fun! Where can I get the template? The document linked is the directions but no template.

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