How To Make a Pumpkin With Toilet Paper Roll

How To Make a Pumpkin With Toilet Paper Roll

Try out this fun, recycling toilet paper roll craft this Halloween. Make a Halloween, that glitters and shines! It won't cost much and turns out great!

What you need

1. Toilet paper roll,
2. Scissors,
3. Glue,
4. Dry glitter powder,
5. String,
6. Small twig,
7. Burlap fabric.


glitter pumpkin

Step-1: Take a tissue paper roll and flatten it so that you can cut it neatly. Cut the flattened tissue paper roll into strips.

glitter pumpkin (3)

Step-2: Now that the strips are flattened you will have to bring them to the round shape. Press them on the folds to make them round. You will need at least 2 tissue paper rolls to complete one pumpkin. Cut more strips similarly.

glitter pumpkin (1)

Step-3: Apply glue on the half on the cut out rolls and sprinkle glitter on the glue. You can apply glitter on the other half but it won’t be necessary. Similarly apply glitter on all the other roll strips.

glitter pumpkin (5)

Step-4: Take a string and thread all the glittered round pieces into the string. Keep the glittery sides facing out. Pull the string from both sides and tie knots. After tying knot arrange the roll pieces nicely to create a round shape.

glitter pumpkin (2)

Step-5: Cut a round piece from a cardstock and glue it on the bottom of the tied roll pieces.

glitter pumpkin (4)

Step-6: To complete the pumpkin you will need a small twig and burlap fabric. Cut out 2 leaf shaped pieces from the burlap fabric. Insert the twig in the center of the tied roll pieces and glue the burlap leaves with the twig.

All done!


  1. Great project!

  2. Gale Cady Williams says

    why not simply glue glittered scrapbooking paper to the outside of the toilet paper roll, then cut into strips, fluff out the circles, tie and voila – done. All that glitter makes this a messy project. In my stash I have silver, gold and white glitter paper. Seems so much simpler.

  3. It’s a waste of good glitter. Dont make me come take your hot glue gun away.

  4. I want to try this without the glitter. Spray paint I guess.

  5. Rhonda Garcia says

    I am going to try this one with my kids..seems easy and not alot of work..

  6. ThaNks, love it!

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