Horoscope Bangle

Horoscope Bangle

Make these cute horoscope inspired bangles using old magazines and bangles.

What you need

1 Old Bangle
A few magazines
Decoupage medium or white glue
Paint Brush


1. Take your old bangle bracelet and sand it a bit to remove any finish that may have been applied. This helps your medium work better.

2. If using white glue, pour your glue into a disposable cup, add a bit or water and mix. You want your mixture to be a bit running but not too much that it doesn’t stick

3. Plan out your design. For the Horoscope bracelet I went through several magazines and cut out horoscope signs as well as piece from pages that popped out at me.

4. Cut your pieces into small workable pieces, I like the tearing method to avoid straight lines

5. Coat your bangle with your glue mixture or decoupage medium, begin adding your cut out pieces. As your work progresses coat your cutouts with your glue mixture or decoupage medium. Make sure to cover your bracelet completely, inside and out.

Let your work dry completely.

Run your finger over the bangle to check for lift edges, apply more glue mixture if needed.

Once completely coated, apply a final coat of glue mixture or spray with a varnish spray I see horoscope bangles in your future.


  1. Uh……. no. :I

  2. i think this is a terrific idea who ever made this up is a genius and i thank u

  3. i really like this idea
    it’s simple yet funky!!

  4. great idea! i may just find random pictures to put on it =]

  5. Cute idea!!! you could also cut out random pics and make a picture bracelet.

  6. Very cute!!! This is a very cute little bracelet i am definately going to make it!!!! IM A LIBRA!!

  7. very cute now i need to buy a bangle =]

  8. cute idea

  9. This was a very cool idea, it’s so origional. If you where that around, no one else would have anything like it! So neat. 🙂

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