Honey Rose Soap

Honey Rose Soap

Try adding dried rose petals to the top of this soap or tie on a dried rose for presentation. Great gift idea!

What you need

12 oz (340 g) of melt and pour soap base
4 oz (110 g) of dried rose petals
8 oz (220 g) of cocoa butter or Shea
12 oz (340 g) of olive oil
2 tbs Honey


This soap recipes uses the Melt & Pour Method of soap making using Melt and Pour Soap base. 

Melt the soap and Shea butter down with the oil and honey.

Add the rose petals before pouring into molds.


  1. I have found that you must be careful about putting flower petals on the soaps before they have air dried. They go mouldy and spoil the soaps.

  2. how do you stop the rose petals from settling on the bottom of the mold?

  3. Does this have too much oil in it? sounds like alot

  4. Yes you can use grated soap bar’s the purest the better as it melts down better with less additives.

  5. in sted or soap flakes can u use sshreded soap bace eg glyicerin

  6. it is just very good

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