Harmony Shawl

This is a vintage pattern from Star Stole Book 133, that may use vintage terms.

Harmony Shawl

What you need

20 oz.
Color of your choice
1 pr. knitting needles No. 10 (6mm)

Gauge: 9 garter sts = 2 inches (5cm)


Cast on 84 stitches (sts) and work in pattern as follows:

1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Rows: Knit (K) across each row.

5th Row: * Insert needle in st, yarn over (y o) needle 3 times, pull through st, slip (sl) st off needle, repeat from * across row.

6th Row:* Sl 6 sts on right hand needle dropping the y o’s, sl them back on left hand needle by inserting needle in 3rd, 2nd and 1st st in front of work passing them over the last 3 sts, then sl the last 3 sts on left hand needle (thus twisting sts), K 6 sts picking up back loop of each st, repeat from * across row.

Repeat these 6 rows for pattern until stole measures 66 inches from beginning ending with the 4th row of pattern, bind off.

Fringe: Wind yarn over a 14 inch cardboard, cut one end. Using 3 strands, double in half and knot fringe in every other st across each end.

* Take half of one group of fringe and half of next group of fringe, knot together 3/4 inch from 1st row of knots, repeat from * across row, then repeat from 1st * for another row of knots. Trim fringe evenly. Finish other end in same manner.


  1. Nancy Yeats says:

    Can anyone please tell me the dimensions of the finished shawl (not counting the fringes) ?

  2. Beverly Kuhn says:

    I would love to do the Harmony pattern but can’t get row 5 and 6. Please help me.

    • Glen Wootton says:

      Hi, have persevered with this pattern and have finally sussed it out after a couple of tries! If you are still struggling, let me know and I will help. Its worth it as it is very unusual.

  3. Love the shawl . Very easy once you’ve worked out how to do rows 5+6

  4. Love the Harmony shawl pattern1

    • Daisy Lauver says:

      How did you figure out row 6? I’ve tried several times and can’t seem to get it. Please help me.

  5. I would love to make this.

  6. I think it just means wrap the yarn round the needle three times in one stitch I think they have just continued to give you the rest of the instruction of slipping the stitch over the three YOs, which you would do to create the stitch anyway. I could be wrong???

  7. Can’t figure out the pattern – on the 5th row insert needle and 3yo, pull thru st and sl st off ??? I only have yo’s now and will not have any stitches on next row ?? what am I misunderstanding ??

  8. I was able to get the pattern by highlighting and then printing. I also tried saving the pattern and then printing it out, which worked out well. I’m making this for a friend who fell in love with the pattern.

  9. I also tried to print this pattern and it wouldn’t print. What is the problem???

  10. i tryed to print out your free pattern but it won’t print out why?

  11. it looks like a nice pattern

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