Hanging Gold Rimmed Bowls

Hanging Gold Rimmed Bowls

Using some dollar store bowls, string, and gold spray paint, you can make some chic extra storage. Upgrade your kitchen, your office, anywhere!

What you need

Cheap plastic bowls
Gold spray paint
Cotton twine
Masking tape
Scrap paper
Acrylic coating (optional)


Carefully use the masking tape to create a ring around the edge of a bowl, also using scrap paper to cover any areas you don’t want sprayed. Repeat with each bowl. The width of the uncovered area can vary from bowl to bowl.

In a well ventilated space, lay down a protective covering, something you don’t mind getting sprayed gold (newspaper, tarp, etc). Take your gold spray paint and shake it for roughly a minute, making sure you can hear the ball rattling around. Then lay the bowls upside down on the protective covering. Spray the uncovered surface of the bowl gold, holding the can about a foot away and moving smoothly and evenly around the bowl. Repeat with remaining bowls. Allow to dry for an hour, then apply a second coat.

Carefully remove tape and scrap paper, revealing gold rimmed bowls!

Cut eight lengths of string, each about three feet long.

Tie all the strings into a knot, leaving a tail approximately two inches long.

Separate the strings into four groups of two.

Tie a square knot about an inch and a half away from the base knot in the first pair, repeat for the other three pairs.

Taking the right string from one pair and the left string from the pair to the right of it, tie another square knot an inch and a half away from the knots previously tied. Repeat until all strings have been used.

Just like the previous step, take the right string from one pair and the left string from the pair to the right of it and tie another square knot an inch and a half away from the knots tied in Step 8. Repeat until all strings have been used.


Center the tassel on the bottom of the bowl and hold the strings coming off the basket so that the bowl is suspended from the strings with a tassel coming out of the bottom. Tie a knot at the top of the strings so that the bowl is suspended at a height you like (this can vary).

Hang the bowls from hooks, cutting away excess string. Fill with small necessaries (safety pins, post-it notes, pens, etc). Done!


What you need

Little goldfish bowls
Nice marbles.
Goldfish and water


This living centrepiece is perfect for beach theme parties.

Fill the goldfish bowl bottom with marbles. Add the goldfish and water.

You can get as fancy as you want with adding a ring of flowers or greenery at the base or keep them plain and simple.

Try adding colored rocks to suit your party color scheme.

What you need

2 Glass or Stainless steel bowls 1 around 2 inch smaller than the other
Edible Flowers or
Plastic flowers
Various embedding items


Take the first bowl, the larger bowl and fill it with water.
Add your petals/flowers or shapes to the water and place the second bowl on top pressing the flowers out to the edges of the larger bowl. Tape the bowls together if you are having trouble keeping them together.
Fill the top smaller bowl with water as this will weigh down the bowls.
Alternatively weigh it down with some stones.
Place both bowls into the freezer on a flat surface. Once the bowls have frozen (overnight) separate the bowls. You may need to run one under warm water to break the seal.
You should now have one ice bowl around 2 inch thick. Place the ice bowl back into the freezer until you are ready to use.
Serve seafood, punch and other delights in this ice bowl.

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