Hand Print Christmas Wreath

Hand Print Christmas Wreath

This quick Kids Christmas craft tutorial is lots of fun to make and the kids will truly enjoy the finger painting. You could create these on card stock or a canvas frame for a Christmas gift or classroom Christmas activity.

What you need

Green or red poster paint
Large card or A3 Paper or Canvas Frame
Glitter and or sequins optional.


Start by pouring your paint onto a plastic pail. Use a brush to spread it out evenly so that the kids can dip their hands into the paint. I suggest having wet wipes and a bucket for washing hands close by too.

Start from the bottom of your paper or canvas and work your way around the paper to form a wreath.

For young children you may want to sketch a circle out with a pencil so they have a guide to follow.

We finished ours off with some glitter and pom poms.



Attach a Christmas poem, recipe or song for a complete Christmas Gift!

What do you think of this project? Let us know!