Halloween Wreath – Ribbon & Spiders

Halloween Wreath – Ribbon & Spiders

This Halloween wreath is made using a Dollar Tree pool noodle and some Halloween themed ribbon.

What you need

Pool Noodle
Craft Glue
Printed Halloween Ribbon
Small Plastic Spiders
Large Plastic Halloween bow


This Halloween wreath is so easy to make all you need is some basic Dollar tree supplies to get started.

For this tutorial a Halloween Print ribbon was used, you can use any Halloween print for your design.

Start by taking your pool noodle and create the base, we already have a tutorial for this here.

Wrap your noodle with the ribbon and secure the start and end. I like to make mine a little more durable by adding a few drops of glue after every second wrap, this helps to keep the ribbon in place, especially if you are packing the Halloween wreath away after Halloween and it is stored in a box.

Add some plastic Spiders which can be bought at any decoration supply store. Add a giant bow to finish off your wreath. You can also use your Halloween ribbon to finish off the bow if you don’t want a plastic look. Wired ribbon would work best for the bow.

This image was shared by Dana, we loved it so much we knew we had to share it with our readers, Thanks Dana!




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