Halloween Ghost Witch

Halloween Ghost Witch

This Halloween decoration is quick to make and lots of fun. The kids will love the combination of a ghost and witch.

What you need

One large tomato cage
One large styrofoam ball
One rope light your choice of color I used green for an eerie feel
One twin size flat white sheet
One spool of ribbon your color of choice
One child size witch hat


The Christmas rope lights come with zip strips. Take one and gather at the top of the tomato cage and use a zip strip to secure it.

Wind rope lights around the tomato cage securing them with the zip strips.

Firmly press the styrofoam ball onto top of the tomato cage.

Cover with sheet.

Gather sheet just below Styrofoam ball and tie ribbon around it letting ribbon ends flow down in front of the sheet.

Take a black Sharpie pen and draw eyes and mouth.

Add witches hat and voila! You have a ghost witch.


  1. Love it
    How can I add arm to it

  2. Just Darlin’ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Thank you for the inspiration I love it I was thinking maybe I will try and use an old light fixture globe for the head and put lights in it as well

  4. Love it!

  5. brendaf1964 says

    Cool.beans hillbilly! I loved it!

  6. I just love it…..I do alot of crafts all year long but Halloween and christmas are my faves.I start my Halloween in summer.I would not even of thought of this myself so a big shout out to all that post crafts for everyone to enjoy……THANK YOU!!!!!!!:-)

  7. This is my third time trying to relay this message to you. I have all the supplies to make this but am concerned about the green lights. It said on the instructions not to cover them for fear of it over heating and causing a fire. Have you had any trouble with heat build up under the sheet. This is so adorable. Thank you.

  8. What a cool idea and a simple one at that………..thanks for sharing!

  9. i love it

  10. danky.mama says

    My daughter and I did this last night as a last minute project. We ended up using a beach ball instead of styrofoam. He looked so cute on the front porch. I’m sure we will do this every year now. Thanks so much.

  11. What a wonderful idea! Every year we put up a yard display with fun and silly ghosties as our theme. I have run our of ideas that aren’t the same old thing.. This is perfect for that display.
    Thank you so much! The neighborhood kids will love it.

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