Hair Clip – Folded Ribbon Flower

Hair Clip – Folded Ribbon Flower

This hair clip tutorial shows you how to make your own little girls hair clip using simple folds of ribbon.

What you need

1 yard of Ribbon
1 hair clip
Sewing needle and thread
Fabric covered brad or button


This project has been sewn together for durability but you could use glue if you wanted to.

Start by making 5 lengths of ribbon around 4″ in size. Fold them in half with the two ends meeting in the middle of the back and slightly overlapping.

You can iron your folds to make them flat and easier to work with. If you are ironing them spray a little starch on them too.

Sew all the 5 pieces together making sure you catch both ends of each fold with your needle fan them out as you go. (as shown)

If you are gluing them you will need to layer them on top of each other and fan them out to create the flower effect.

Finish off by gluing the fabric covered brad onto the top and sewing or gluing the flower onto the hair clip.


  1. Super CUTE! I’m gonna make some for my family!

  2. I’ve made 3 of these so far and I’ve used a fuzzy pom-pom for the center it makes them look like real flowers

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