Gumball Christmas Tree Ornament

Gumball Christmas Tree Ornament

This Christmas craft is so fun to make and fun to hang on your Christmas tree.

What you need

1 Small Round Glass or Plastic Ornament

-1 Mini Red Solo Cup

-1 Soda Can Tab

-Multi Colored Nonpareils Sprinkles

Black Sharpie Permanent Marker

-Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks

-Piece of Pretty String or Ribbon


Remove the metal lid from the ornament and fill it with the nonpareils. (If you have a tiny funnel, use it to get the nonpareils into the ball. If you don’t have a funnel, you can fold a piece of paper into a shape of a cone.)

-Once your ornament is filled to your desired level, place the lid back on.

-Attach your piece of string/ribbon to the hanging mount.

-Using your hot glue gun, glue the soda can tab to your mini red solo cup.

-Now, take your black sharpie marker and draw inside the gumball chute.

-With your hot glue gun, attach the clear Christmas ornament to the bottom of the mini solo cup. It’s quite challenging to get it centered so that the hook is perfectly centered. Be patient and take your time.

-Give the hot glue a few minutes to set.


  1. Cute idea but I would use colorful beads instead of the food to be sure it doesn’t attract insects or melt. I’d also recommend gluing the lid in place after filling. You really don’t want that lid coming off once the bulb is filled.

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