Green Tea Soft Foot Soak

Green Tea Soft Foot Soak

Ready to go with an excellent home pedicure! Use this green tea foot soak recipe!

What you need

hot water
green tea


Fill a tub of hot water {the tub should be able to fit your foot}.

Add 10-15 leaves of green tea.

Add the juice of a lemon to water.

Soak your foot for at least 30 min.

*you can also moisturize your foot and color those nails!


  1. Diana Rose L. Abella says

    i am not familiar w/ green tea leaves bcoz we dont have it here, we only have tea bags, in philippines we have smaller version of lemon, we call it lemonsito, id like to ask how many lemonsito and tea bags to use to get that best foot look?, tnx

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