Glass Bead Gemstone Ring

Glass Bead Gemstone Ring

This jewelry making project is so easy to make it is suitable for all ages.

What you need

Glass beads or flat marbles
Silicone Or Super Craft Glue
Adjustable Ring Back


You will need glass beads or flat marbles to create this project.

Simply glue on the beads/marbles onto the adjustable ring back using a strong craft glue or silicone jewelry making adhesive.

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The jewelry supplies for this project can be purchased from


  1. I’ve found that if you want to have your birhtstone but ant buy it or find a rock close to the colour, you can just dab some acrylic paint on the bottom of a clear stone or glass bead. Be sure that the paint is acrylic (otherwise you will sweat or chip the paint) and hat you only paint it on the bottom. This so when you look at the ring you see the colour through it and it looks more auhentic. Hope it was helpful! Angela

  2. Where do you find the adjustable ring backs? Please no websites that you order them from. I live in Russell Manitoba but I am willing to travel a few hours (Winnipeg or brandon for excample) great idea though!

  3. A very sensible idea. Those who always wished for a real stone ring can make this ans flaunt it…Awasome idea.. it rocks…

  4. this is really cte ima try it out my bro made me sum glass beads blue,green, and clear n i found one tht was my birthstone ima ask my mom if she can get me the supplies i love this idea

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