Giveaway: 9 piece comforter set by Bryan Parker

Giveaway: 9 piece comforter set by Bryan Parker

Bryan Parker knows no introduction and we are lucky to have a comforter set designed by him to giveaway!

What you need

Nothing – see below to enter!


Bryan Parker’s interior designer background experience encompasses working with top décor brands Nautica, Nate Berkus and DKNY. Bryan Parker has two home décor lines featuring bed and bath selections, called Bryan Keith and Parker Loft. Both offer clean, gender-neutral lines at varying price points.

Bryan has a savvy take on sprucing up the romance between you and your bedroom:

Tip # 1: “Changing your bedding twice a year is refreshing and helps change the mood and feeling of your room. For Spring, having clean white sheets and pops of color in the bedding can help you overcome the thoughts of the past cold winter and shoveling snow. Conversely, putting rich colors of brown, gray and spice can help warm up a room for a cozy night’s sleep on a cool Fall night.” – Bryan Parker

Tip # 2: “Are all those pillows necessary to have on a bed? Well, if your goal is sophistication, then yes. But the solution is not as hard as you may think. Simply having different size toss pillows, textured pillows, Euro shams, and standard pillows will allow you to be creative when making your bed a focal point and wowing your lady with masculine picks. Simply put the Euro sham closest to the headboard and build on it with the standard, then textured, and lastly toss pillows.”

– Bryan Parker

We are giving away this Bryan Parker 9 piece comforter set to one lucky Craftbits reader. To enter, simply leave a comment below and tell us why you want to win.

Ends 15th Sept. US residents only.


  1. P J Coldren says

    I think it’s lovely – we’d have to figure out a way to keep the dogs out of the bedroom so it wouldn’t go the way of all our other comforters (chewed to chit) and that set’s incentive enough for me. Thanks for the possibility of winning.

  2. The comforter is absolutely beautiful, I’ve never heard of one being reversible. That’s really neat! Thanks for having the contest.

  3. even my husband likes this 🙂

  4. I don’t know if this contest is still open, but I would love to win

  5. can’t wait to redecorate

  6. My 19 year old nephew has just moved into his first house and is decorating with hand me downs. I’d love to give this to him so he has something totally new. 🙂

  7. the colors are just perfect

  8. inspiring me to redecorate

  9. I hope the contest is continuing

  10. getting ready to redecorate

  11. I NEED a clean, peaceful look like this for our room. It will help me sleep better too!

  12. planning my new room

  13. My washing machine just ruined mine 🙁

  14. what a great reason to redecorate the room!

  15. my bedding could use a change

  16. I have the world’s ugliest comforter complete with holes and mismatched pillow cases!It’s time for a new look:-

  17. I’m a young mother (17) of two and a husband, I would love to have a bed set for our new apartment it would be my first time having my own little family in our own space yes I need it! Moving with the family to another state and having to live with 12 ppl I never had my own so this would be a blessing!! 😀

  18. so beautiful…I need an excuse to redecorate!

  19. I would love to win because our bedding is kinda cheap.

  20. Barbi johnson says

    I have been using the same bedding for 10 years now. I would love a change!

  21. it gets more beautiful every time I look at it

  22. my daughter would love this for her new apartment

  23. amanda whitley says

    i want to win because i have been using the same ugly comforter for years now and i slowly looking to upgrade things in our home. new beautiful bedding would be amazing

  24. I would love this

  25. would look great anywhere

  26. would look beautiful anywhere

  27. I would love to win this give away. I love really nice bedding, it feels so much better. You spend most of your life in bed so you should make it the best way you can with the best linen you can afford. xx

  28. Would love to win this set. lost everything in old apt now starting over again and this would be wonderful.

  29. I love to read and look at all the different projects on craftbits. I am currently looking for a new bedroom look but have not found a bed set that I really have liked. The colors and patterns in this set are beautiful and look so relaxing.

  30. I want to win b/c I need this.
    My bedding is getting holes in it 😉

  31. Would love to win it because we’ve had our current bedding for years!

  32. Roberta Azoff says

    really pretty…would love to win

  33. Roberta Azoff says

    my daughter would love this

  34. I just got a new mattress so I could really use this spread!

  35. I need a new comforter set mine is getting rips in it, and queen is exactly the size I need!

  36. I would like to win so I can change the style of my bedroom.

  37. Janet Mckellips says

    I would love to be able to change out my bedding twice a year, and if I win this stunning ensemble …..then mission accomplished!!!
    Thanks for the opportunity

  38. Roberta Azoff says

    it’s a beautiful set…I would love to win it

  39. Meri Ann Worley says

    I would love to win the comforter set just because. Someone special must win and I feel very special today. Life has been good to me and I would pay forward the winning to someone that is actually in need of such a blessed gift. Thank you.

  40. Kimberly-Ann Palazzo says

    What a beautiful bedding set! Would love to win this to replace a very old and worn set we’re using now. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  41. That comforter set is gorgeous and something I could never afford but winning it would be awesome. The colors are perfect for my bedroom!!! Thanks for the chance.

  42. I really love this design Bryan is the best so to have one of his comforter sets would be really great. Thank you for a chance.

  43. Have a new bed and your bedding is gorgeous!!! Couldn’t believe my luck finding your giveaway.

  44. It would be so great to win this beautiful Bryan Parker set. I’ve never had anything this fancy. We are moving to a senior complex and would be proud to show this off! I can only HOPE!! I just found and signed up today for you site. Love it.

  45. GLENDA PROFIT says

    I have lived for the past 20 years on hand me downs and unwanted gifts so a new set would be so uplifting

  46. Mine is falling apart. just moved…too many expenses to buy a new comforter right now!

  47. joyce Strype says

    I just bought a new house and there is not much left for a bedroom as beautiful as this. These are the exact colors that I would love to have. I love the grey since all I have ever seen with the teal is brown and this is much more sophisticated than the brown.Thank you for the opportunity to win this amazing collection!

  48. Wow We are looking another cold winter this year and this would keep me warm and with style.

  49. Roberta Azoff says

    would like to win this for my daughter

  50. It’s a beautiful set and would be an inspiration to make some changes to my bedroom ^j^

  51. Maggie Urvoy says

    I would love to have this set. I live with a hoarder and the bedroom and a small snug are the only rooms I can keep free of the hoarding. I am decorating this autumn so this would give me inspiration.

  52. Lauren Whalen says

    I would love a new comforter set, but I am actually entering for my sister and her husband. My sister has been married for a little over a year now. She and her husband have been together for a few years though. She has a daughter from a previous marriage and a son that she conceived on her wedding night last year. They were never able to go on a honeymoon since he works 2 jobs and she now stays at home with the baby. She has been very stressed and has had a lot going on lately (her daughter goes in for surgery next Friday) and I thought that a new comforter set would be perfect for her. I would definitely volunteer to babysit for a weekend so they could spend some actual time together.

  53. imatiaz ahmad says

    My beedroom is due a makeover and this comforter set will make an ideal centre piece.

  54. Kathy Milam says

    I would love to have this beautiful comforter set to replace the ManCave Camoflauge comforter that depresses me everytime I walk in our room to come to bed! What a change this would be!!!

  55. I need a new comforter set. This is perfect.

  56. nice

  57. Cathy McClarnan says

    I actually looked at one similar to this at Bed, Bath& Beyond but would feel extremely lucky to win it then use the balance of my decorating budget in another room.

  58. It is beautiful, my daughter just had a baby and it would lovley in her to-be bedroom.

  59. Bonnie Germick says

    I love the color and style mixes of today. Being retired I can’t financially afford a new set so mine is 8 yrs old. I need this set, please.

  60. Great project, would very much like to have this set. We are Seniors and unable to afford such a beautiful set

  61. Vilma Rosado says

    I would love new bedding set haven’t had one in a years (I don’t think I deserve it more or less than the other hopefull ‘s) but I truly think it would make me very happy thank you for the chance to win..

  62. Beautiful! I love it! I’m thinking it’s time for a change!

  63. Shannon Hall says

    New bedding would add new life and happinesd to my Outdated and faded bedding. Can’t do cheap furballed is totally yucky but saving for it seems to never happen.

  64. This is a beautiful comforter set. I haven’t purchased a new one in several years and appreciate the opportunity to win this Bryan Parker bedding masterpiece.

  65. How about some ‘class’ in my bedroom? Yes, just what we need. Well-made and beautiful, fits our color scheme, as well.

  66. I love many pillows on my bed and this set would just be so special…..

  67. Joan Merrow says

    I just retired and would love to dress up my bedroom to make me feel special every time I go in the room.

  68. Jennifer Parker says

    I love it! Can you believe I’ve had the same dark comforter for years? Thanks for this opportunity.

  69. P.J. Coldren says

    I’d love a new bedroom set. We’ve been married a while, and things are getting to that stage where a) I’m bored with it and b) it really is getting to look tatty. I don’t know if those are good enough, but that’s what I’ve got. Thanks for the chance to win.

  70. Gina Cabana says

    The set that is shown is gorgeous. I would love to change up the decor in my bedroom.

  71. Jayne McCullen says

    It’s going to be a cold winter and I would love to surround myself in the beauty of this bedding set while enjoying the comfort of it’s warmth
    I hope I’m lucky enough to win Thank you for the chance

  72. Elegant looking comforter set. It would be nice to own this set.

  73. I would love to win this set. We’ve had the same comforter/quilt on our bed for YEARS! Something new would definitely spruce up our room!!

  74. I haven’t done any decorating since we were married, and this would be a great place to start — maybe even inspire me to get moving on a few projects!

  75. Sandra Woerner says

    I’m embarrassed to admit that I haven’t changed my comforter or anything in my bedroom in 17 years. I ended up going on disability and somehow it just went off my list of must haves. So I would absolutely love to do a drastic change to the appearance of our bed.

  76. Rose Arroyo says

    I need a different mood and feeling in my bedroom and this set would probably do it, thanks hometalk for your wonderful projects.

  77. Dawn Newsome says

    We just moved into a new house and nothing I have (which is mostly mix/match) looks good. I would LOVE something with the look and quality of this set. Nice

  78. Oh it looks beautiful! I don’t have a comforter set and only bought one set of sheets when I moved here to my new home haha. It would be wonderful to have a new set to snuggle up in now that the cooler Fall season is coming! Thank you!

  79. Roberta Azoff says

    I would love to give this set to my newly married daughter!

  80. Kimberly Stelly says

    I would love to win this bed set by Bryan Parker! We are slowly “refreshing” each of the rooms in our house, and we have just started to consider the bedroom – this would fit our new bedroom scheme!!

  81. I love the colors and the luxurious look. I too have not had any new bedding in years. Hubby has Alzheimers and I think he would feel nice and comfy with these on the bed. Thanks for offering such a nice gift to win.

  82. Melissa Lawrence says

    I would love to win this beautiful set. I haven’t been able to purchase anything like this due to budget constraints. Thank you for the opportunity to win this wonderful prize.

  83. Karen Smith says

    Beautiful project and comforter set! I’m returning to our original home soon and need a lovely set to use on our homemade aspen bed frame.

  84. This is beautiful. I would love to have a set of this quality.

  85. Robin Blakeley says

    It has been *years* since I’ve bought new linens for our bedroom and these are just the colors I was thinking of redecorating in!

  86. Darlene Holte says

    This is a beautiful bedroom set – I would love to put this on my bed!

  87. We have been searching for new bedding ALL year! Had to throw out our ratty Queen sized comforter (on our California King sized bed! LOL!) Have a lamp that we have decided to base our color palette on…THE BEDDING IN THE PICTURE IS PERFECT! LOL! I think it’s a sign! Thanks for the opportunity to win! BEAUTIFUL!

  88. My last child has moved out and I am updating her room. These colors are exactly what I am planning to use for the room makeover!

  89. My bedroom is really needing a makeover. This would be just the thing to do it and . . . I could afford it! That is if I won.

  90. I would like to win because I am a single mother and buying my first home.. Ive been able to decorate my daughters room, but unfortunately I will have to wait on mine!!!

  91. what a beautiful way to change up our master bedroom! Looks so luxurious!

  92. Sherrie Lilly says

    WOW! This is absolutely beautiful. I have not changed out my quilt or bedding since 2008. They are extremely worn and I my hands are just not up to making a new quilt. Bryan Parkers tips are great. Thanks


  94. Brittoni Bartell says

    I work at Door of Hope, a non profit organization, that equips homeless families to rebuild their lives. It would be a blessing to gift this set to a graduating family, as they move from our site into their very own home.

  95. I love, love Bryan Parker. Pick me, Pick me, Pick me…..

  96. I’ve had the same Ikea bedding since I was a junior in college. A husband, a baby, and ten years later, we are still using the same, sad, worn bedding. We really need new stuff!

  97. Jacque neat says

    Winter is coming – I desperately need to replace my 18 year old bedding?

  98. Beautiful comforter design! Since my current comforter is falling apart, this would be a wonderful upgrade. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  99. I’m doing a bedroom makeover and this would be a good way to start! Thanks.

  100. It’s beautiful, and I could use something nice in my life right now.

  101. Love these, perfect match between girly and macho. although I don’t have a “macho” at this time of my life, I would sure love to make over my bedroom, Living on disability sure doesn’t leave much money to do anything to your home.

  102. The colors are beautiful together and I use a lot of that light blue in my bedding now.

  103. I would love to win! We desperately need a new comforter because ours is so lumpy!

  104. Oh, I’d love to win this set, because our bedroom needs some serious upgrading and reworking. And winter is coming, so what better time to reimagine the space.

  105. I love the look and design of this comforter and know it would not only look great on my bed, but feelso comfortable sleeping under it, especially with the winter months quickly approaching.

  106. I love the colors and it would match my current decor. Thanks for sharing!

  107. My bedroom needs a facelift more than I co and that is saying something!

  108. I love the style and colors of the set and it would fit perfectly in the redecoration I am doing of my master bedroom. Got tired of my floral quilt and I’ve had it so long it’s getting threadbare! Ready for something new and stylish!

  109. keepmestitched says

    We would love to win this! My boyfriend is disabled and spends a lot of time resting his back in bed. The white comforter we have is nice but color would be a boost to his emotional well being. It would be wonderful to win this. Thank you for your consideration.

  110. Linda Reynolds says

    I’ve had the same set of bedding since replacing the bedding that I lost in Katrina. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and spend a good part of my day on the bed when I have too much pain to sit in the wheelchair.
    I think that new bedding will boot my mood.
    Thank you for sponsoring this giveaway.
    It’s very kind of you.

  111. kristen mcclary says

    i want to win because we need a new set really bad my husband is obsessed with his old comfortable blanket that is so fadded and ripped in the corner i hate it. so if i win this bye bye blanket!

  112. I haven’t bought anything for the hubby and mine’s bedroom since our first kiddo was born- ummm…almost 8 years ago! Yikes. It sure would be nice to have a comforter with matching shams and pillows! I think we have Dora and Sponge Bob pillows on the bed right now!!

  113. I’d love a great, warm comforter set to keep me and mine cozy through the winter and comfortable in the AC during the summer. We are in need of a set for our bed and hope to win very much! 🙂

  114. Inspiration springs up as I view the ensemble and read how to create a sanctuary of comfort and aesthetics. Love this!

  115. Vangie Gautier says

    Who wouldn’t? All the comforter sets are beautiful! What a treasure to have.

  116. Nell Rescan says

    Nothing beats fresh bedding! I know I always sleep better in fresh sheets!

  117. Laurie Dupree says

    These are the exact colors we are re-doing our master bedroom…this set is so sophisticated and is neither too feminine or masculine, making for a great decorating solution for a couple!

  118. Debbie Moody says

    Being on a limited budget, it would be great to win something as beautiful and needed as this! Thank you for the opportunity to possibly own some awesome bedding by Bryan Parker!

  119. Love this set! Time for a change of linens abs fresh color! Pick me!

  120. Korri Mitchell says

    I just moved back into my parents house and my ex kept all of our comforter sets and the one pictured will match the theme I have in my head! It’s perfect!

  121. Lynne Tilley says

    I would like to win because I’m one of those people who buy a bedspread/comforter and use it for 15 years before changing it out. I’m in desperate need of a change, and I would like to truly take to heart Bryan’s tip about changing the bedding at least twice a year. Thanks for the chance to win!

  122. It’s lovely and it’d be a treat to switch up the look of our room.

  123. Winters coming

  124. This would not be for me – but for my daughter and her husband who just purchased their first home. They bought a fixer-upper and are in the process of working on it. When a coat of fresh paint and this for their bed it would give them a special retreat at night. Thank you.

  125. Taylor Smith says

    I just moved across the country to start my first teaching job and I’d love to furnish my new condo with this lovely set! My decor is modern with hints of southwest (I live in Arizona! )

  126. Gorgeous! I’ve been needing a new comforter for a while!

  127. being a single mom an fulltime college student, I rarely buy myself anything, my 5 year old get mad when I use here blankets lol an I love this set

  128. Tracy Gibson says

    My husband has been wanting to change our master bedroom to gray tones for some time now…but I didn’t think I would like it. Since seeing this comforter set, I have changed my mind! This set is gorgeous. Whether we have this set or another, I will be going gray now! I LOVE the blue accent and the pattern on the comforter…which is unlike me to love anything other than white for bedding.

  129. Just moved in to apartment living !!! Would love this tp make the transition more beautiful !!

  130. Kim Fergeson says

    I love this site! It gives me inspiration on so many of my projects. I also love the comforter set and the above advice given by Bryan Parker for the bedding changes with season. It’s so true! After winter you want a brighten things up after all the dreary cold days and in the fall you want to get ready for all the upcoming cozy nights. Thanks for all you do!

  131. natalie Quinn says

    I have been on the hunt for a new set however, I haven’t been able to find anything that I have loved! Its still going to be a while before I can purchase one, but I love this and would love to win!

  132. I would love to win this set because our master bedroom has been last on the list. It would be wonderful to make it a retreat space instead of a dumping space! Winning this set would give us something to build on and give my husband and I a reason to make ourselves a priority, and not just the kids or the family spaces.

  133. This is great. I would like to give as a gift to a new mommy that I know. But it’s so beautiful I may keep and use in my room.

  134. Time to redecorate the bedroom, perfect color.

  135. tabatha smith says

    That is a beautiful color combination. I would love to win it to give my room a cool look for winter

  136. Kandi Glasscock says

    I would live to win this, its absolutely beautiful! 9 pieces and reversable is always a plus!

  137. Sharon Maloney says

    To be able to have a set like this would be wonderful , it’s not just a comforter set it’s a work of art of color tones . I would love to have this for my husband he can’t get around now and this would make him happy and not so depressed that he can’t get up and around by his self anymore

  138. I would LOVE to win this comforter set — it’s been at least 10 years since we’ve had a new bedding set — it’s absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

  139. petoskeystone says

    Wonderful grey! I would like to win this set as, currently, I don’t own a comforter ‘younger’ than 10 years.

  140. Joyce Bisceglia says

    I love these colors and design pattern – perfect for a husband/wife bedroom. Not frilly and not masculine.

  141. Besides the fact that it is beautiful and sophisticated if I win this I would give it to one of my best friends to thank her for always being there for me.

  142. Connie Cappello says

    I would love to change my comforter and use this one on my bed for the fall. It would change the whole color of my room, adding that pop that it needs for the cooler weather…thank you

  143. This is a great project! We recently exchanged our 15 year old bedding for a duvet cover that I rescued from a local thrift shop. While i love the cover, the duvet is too warm to use most of the year. It would be lovely to have something inviting and ‘finished’ looking when I open my bedroom door!

  144. Tanya Truesdell says

    This is beautiful…being a single mom of 2, I rarely buy myself anything, let alone bedding for myself

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