Gigantic Doll Pillow

Gigantic Doll Pillow

This free sewing project shows you how to make a gigantic doll pillow to snuggle up with.

What you need

Polar fleece fabric or fabric of your choice
Toy filling


You can free hand this design onto some fabric. The doll we made was 1m tall.

Cut 2 identical shapes out and sew them together leaving a gap at the top for filling with Toy Filling or Wadding

You can sew on any embellishments like the buttons we added.

Fill with toy filling and sew the gap closed. Simple!

Gigantic Doll Pillows


  1. cute!!!!makin one 4 my friends bday!!!!!! shell luv it!!!!!! only problem……it required a ton of stuffing……….

  2. i love the and think its a ausome idea

  3. cool

  4. great mothers day activity

  5. Suggestion: make the pattern by tracing around your child. Not only do they have a cuddly pillow. The two of you also have a memory.

  6. The Dolls are not my style. But they might be for someone.

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