Get To Know Serendipity Squares

Get To Know Serendipity Squares

Serendipity Squares are wonderfully cute little squares that have been embellished with cutoffs and oddments of Scrapbooking supplies. They can add dimension and color to boring layouts.

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The most popular reason for using these cute little serendipity squares is to create theme layouts, where you may have a series of pages that need a common design theme. These are especially great for multiple layouts that have very little in common either by photo subject or color.

Start with small one inch squares or a long strip that you will later cut into squares and using layers of different card, vellum and punches, randomly layer the pieces on top of each other until you come up with a design you like.

Add a creative flair by adding glitter, wire or fiber or for a unique square add a charm or other 3D dimensional embellishment.

Although these are called Serendipity Squares they can of course be any shape you like, such as tags, circles and triangles.


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  1. Great idea! Always looking for ways to use up those little scraps that seem too large to throw away, but rather difficult to find a way to use! Gonna try it!!

  2. What difference does it make if they are real Serendipty Squares or not? (as one comment says) It’s still a good idea.

  3. I KNEW I was saving all those tiny pieces of scrapbooking paper for something. YEAH! I have only “scrapped” a few pages this year. (So sad.) I need quick, simple, and easy suggestions that are unique and awesome. This is truly one great idea.

  4. i work with seniors and they are goinmg to love this craft idea….thanx

  5. This is really cute. I’m thinking of using the idea on a card for Mother’s day 🙂 thanks!

  6. This example sounds more like ‘decorating’ scraps of paper with smaller scraps of paper and other embellishements – rather than actually making “Serendipty Squares”, [You know?, in a serendipitous manner!] LOL

  7. Cute idea. Good way to use up scraps and little embelishments that would otherwise be overlooked.

  8. Really a fab idea and what a great use.

  9. a really neat effective idea

  10. Now I get it! Thank you!!

  11. I really like the sound of this – I have lots of stuff for scrapping which is entirely unrelated so these squares can link all.

  12. nice content

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