Funky Pen Holder

Funky Pen Holder

Cut up an old bottle to create this funky pen holder with embellishments.

What you need

Plastic drink bottle
Craft paints
Confetti shapes
Decorative edging


For this project you will need the bottom of a plastic drink bottle. Using a sharp knife or scissors cut the top of your drink bottle. Remove the label and rinse clean.

Paint the inside of your bottle using paints. You can paint it any color you like, we used purple and blue for a wishy washy effect.

While the paint is drying you can go ahead and glue the sequins onto the outside of the container. We used small hearts but you can use any sequin or confetti shapes.

Using some craft glue rub a bead of glue around the top edge of your bottle and press your decorative edging down firmly. Allow the whole project to dry well before using.

These can also be made smaller and used for holding pins or paper clips on your desk.


  1. w0w … AMAZING !! 🙂

  2. thanks!

  3. cool

  4. Needs a weight in the bottom or it tips over when you add the pencils!

  5. i might use this for my 4 h project

  6. cool, but needs to be brighter. an overall great idea!

  7. Pen holders need more than one compartment.

  8. kinda wierd but cool

  9. well its like umm kinda wierd cuz the shape you can also use a green bean can!

  10. a brighter color and decorative edging would be nice, but the idea’s great!

  11. This is useful.

  12. GreenMonkey11 says

    it looks kinda weird

  13. cool and easy. Exactly what i need

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