Funky Hair Chopsticks

Funky Hair Chopsticks

This craft shows you how to take Chinese wooden chopsticks and create your own funky hair sticks

What you need

Plain wood chop sticks

Assorted beads
Big glass bead
Hand saw Optional paint
Sand paper Glue


Take the chop sticks that you can get at you local chinese food store and prepare them byh either painting them your desired color or by cutting them down smaller if you have short hair.

If you are cutting down the chopsticks use some sandpaper to smooth over the edges.

Once the chopsticks are ready take the wire and put an drop of glue on the chop stick now wrap the wire around it from the top downwards.

Thread your beads onto the wire, I used beads that were all the same size , but you could use seed beads, crystals or whatever you can get your hands on.

Continue to wrap the wire around the top of the chopstick placing your beads into position as you wrap. Make sure your wire is nice and tight.

Don’t wrap too far down or the wire and beads will get caught in your hair, a few inches is enough.

On the picture you can see I finished off my wrapping my chopstick with some polka dot ribbon. I did this by applying craft glue to the back of the ribbon and then wrapping it tightly down the chopstick. Secure the ends with a dab of glue.

Repeat the same process for the second one.

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  1. This so cool especially for me cuz i love the asian culture!

  2. I love this I actually made a set for myself years ago but I used wooden shish a bob. I got a package of them at the local grocery store and cut them down to the size I needed. very cheap and very cute. To the guest that was not so nice saying that chopsticks were utensils and correcting others on their comments, I am sorry that you don’t approve but I know lots of girls who like to make and wear them, we had a great time making them.

  3. COOL! I really need to find out where to get chopsticks now…

  4. Like the beads, not the ribbon. Do Asians wear forks in their hair?

  5. chopsticks are also in the asian culture to the guest who said they were only utensils. Get educated. Nice job on this project. I bought bulks of these from a supplier for real cheap 🙂 check out Asian Inspirations

  6. I’ve made many of these sets myself… what a great (INEXPENSIVE) way to make something special for everyday use or that *special* outfit! Thanks for the project!

  7. For everyone who isn’t aware of chinese culture, chopsticks are for eating. Not for someone’s hair accesory. And I think that the polka dotted ribbon is hidieous.

  8. I think I could make a cool hairstyle for the first day of school with these, thanks!

  9. ausome i can wear some to school now<3

  10. another idea is to use plastic chopsticks instead of wooden ones. they were made for picking up food easily, so they’ll stick into your hair better and possibly for a longer time.

  11. If you sharpen the end first with a pencil sharpener, then file down to make it easier to get in your hair. You can paint these with nail polish in your favourite colour. You can also make dangly bead chains to glue onto top of stick.

  12. wow, now i can make them instead of buying them! i never thought of this idea before!!

  13. im doing it for a very important project! i love it!

  14. sweet! i cant wait to try!

  15. love it!!

  16. its really sweet!

  17. cute, but i have a more interesting style…

  18. The hair chopsticks look so pretty. I was actually thinking of buying some, but now i can make some just the way i want it to be.

  19. Pretty and easy.

  20. angelstar says

    great for my hair!!!!!!!!
    a really creative idea.

  21. awesome!

  22. i like it better wit out da rriboon

  23. pics please…great idea

  24. A great idea, but the directions are hard to follow.
    6 and a half what? A picture would help clearify things a lot.

  25. difficult to follow.

  26. nice, but it would be a little more understandable with a picture and some proofreading.

  27. great idea, wish there was a picture!

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