Fun Flapper Hat

Fun Flapper Hat

This is an easy hat that can be completed in a weekend if you have a little free time.

What you need

#10.5 Straight or Circular needles
Size H Crochet Hook
60 grams of Sage in main color of choice
Small amount of Sage in complimentary color of choice
Tapestry needle


Worked in Sage it’s warm and soft and appropriate even for children. Pair with a pretty dress for a great retro look, or wear it skiing and bring your own style to the slopes. Don’t be surprised if you get a yen for The Great Gatsby and the Charleston.

Other yarns you could use for this project include:

Siam or Chai (Work 2 strands together)

14st x 20 rows = 4″

Stitches used:


4 x 1 rib
1 x 1 rib

Chain (CH)
Single Crochet (SC)
Half Double Crochet (HDC)
Double Crochet (DC)
Triple Crochet (TRC)
Pattern written for size adult small. Children’s Medium and Adult Large in parenthesis.

CO 72 (62, 82)

Work 1 x 1 rib for 4 rows

[ K3, P1, *K4, P1* to end turn

K the P and P the K to end ]

Repeat from [ to ] for 22 (17, 27) rows

Decrease: (starting on Right Side)

Row 1: K2, P2tog, *K3, P2tog* to end

Rows 2, 4, 6: K the P and P the K

Row 3: K1, P2tog, *K2, P2tog* to end

Row 5: P2tog, *K1, P2tog* to end

Row 7: *K2tog* across

Row 8: *P2tog* across


Do not Bind Off – cut a long tail (about 18″)

With tapestry needles run yarn through remaining stitches and pull tight, removing the stitches from the knitting needles.

Sew the hat seam closed using an invisible seam.

Using Crochet hook and complimentary color, LOOSLY sc 72 st around hem of hat. Close with sl st to first sc.

Ch 1, sc in same st, sc in each sc around. Close with sl st to first sc.

Weave in ends

Ch4, join with sl

Ch6 (counts as dc + ch3)

*Dc in ch, ch3* 3 times, sl in 3rd ch of original ch6 (5 loops)

Sc in same st, in first ch 3 space *hdc, dc, trc, dc, hdc sc in next dc* Repeat from * to * 4 more times

The second row of petals is worked BEHIND the first row we just completed.

*Ch5, sc around the post of next dc from second row of first flower* 4 times, ch5 and sl st to base of first ch5.

In each Ch5 space work *sc, hdc, dc, 3trc, dc, hdc, sc* ending with a sl in first sc.

Cut yarn and pull through last stitch to finish.

With main color, sc around the edge of both rows of petals working 3 sc in each center-most trc

Cut yarn and pull through last stitch to finish.

Weave in ends.

Sew flower to hat so that it is slightly off center and low to the hem.


This pattern was submitted by Marnie MacLean and cannot be reproduced without expressed written consent.
Patterns may be used for non-commercial purposes only. 
Copyright Marnie MacLean 2004.

For more wonderful designs by Marnie visit her Website


  1. This is a great Beanie!
    I used an acrylic 8 ply that I had lying around and size 10 needles – makes an awesome skull cap too!
    Thank you for posting this 🙂

  2. i really really really like this hat, it’s AMAZING!

  3. Love the flower so i give it 3-4 stars.

  4. I’m making a white summer hat with this hat pattern. And a wooly one now cause it’s winter and very cold.

  5. Love the pattern.

  6. excellent pattern I’m gonna knit it.

  7. very nice

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