Flying Pig Hangup Plushie

Flying pigs? Yes, they can be real with this DIY plushie/soft toy pattern for your kid!

Flying Pig Hangup Plushie

What you need

1/2 yard (1/2 mt)of felt
Embroidery thread


This pig is 10 inch (25 cm) long.

Use the A4 sized pattern below to cut out your fabric.

Flying Pig Pattern


Sew both body pieces together leaving a small opening for filling. Turn right side out. Lightly fill then sew around the edge using a blanket stitch and embroidery thread.

Attach 2 buttons on top as shown on the pattern.

At this stage you can embroider or glue on small flowers on one side for decoration.


To make the wings, sew both pieces together leaving a small opening to turn it right side out. Do not fill. Sew the opening closed.

Sew into place as shown on the pattern.


Take your leg pieces and sew all the hoofs onto the legs. You should have 8 pieces.

Now taking 2 at a time sew them together leaving a small opening for turning right side out. Fill with Toy Filling or Wadding and sew together the opening.

Button each leg into place as shown on the pattern.


To make the snout sew both pieces together leaving a small gap for turning right side out. Turn right side out and fill. Sew up opening and sew into place on the body as shown in the pattern.

Stitch 2 lines on the front with embroidery thread for the nostrils.


Sew horns and ears into place as shown on the diagram.

Cut a piece of wire around 10 inches (25 cm)to make the hanger. Twist the ends around the buttons on top of the pigs body.

Attach a 3 inch (7.5 cm) piece of rough string for a tail and fray at the ends.


  1. This is the cutest animal I have seen in a long while. Can’t wait to make him.

  2. SO CUTE!!! My teacher would (will) love this!!!

  3. looks cool!

  4. You will need to re-size the pattern if it does not fit on 1 printer sheet.

  5. I can’t get the whole pattern to print out. I’m missing the back half of the pig pattern and the wings.

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