Florescent Baby Bonnet

Florescent Baby Bonnet

A simple pattern to create a Florescent Baby Bonnet

What you need

Any type of colorful wool as long as it’s light.

Round needles any size


Measure the head of the baby in inches. (perimeter)

Make sure you add 3 or four inches on the wool for when you cast on.

cast on until reached as many inches as the perimeter of the baby’s head.

k1 row
p1 row
until 20 rows

start knitting 2 together until you’ve reached 1 st.

cast off that stitch

and voila

that’s the bonnet part.

Cut of 2 other strings about 5 inches.

tie one string on the end of the bonnet any where.

tie the other string right across from the first one

Finally put your bonnet on your baby but don’t tie it too tight!


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