Floral Minnie Mouse Door Wreath

Floral Minnie Mouse Door Wreath

This craft tutorial shows you how to create your very own Disney inspired Minnie mouse floral door wreath.

What you need

18inch grapevine wreath

2 8 inch grapevine wreaths 

1 eucalyptus stem 

2 blush colored flowers

Floral wire

Hot glue gun

Gemstones (Dollar Tree), I added these but you can’t see them too much in the flowers

Black and White Pre Made Bow 

Wire Cutters




Start by cutting about two 2 foot lengths of the floral wire and start wrapping it around the 8 inch wreath and the large wreath to create an ear. Complete on the next side, creating two ears.

Using wire cutter, trim the ends of the blush flowers leaving about 3-4 inches. 

Using the wire cutter, cut the eucalyptus stem into pieces


Using a hot glue gun, add dollar tree floral gems inside the flowers (this is optional as it doesn’t show)


Using scissors trim the pre made bow (this depends on whether you make the bow or buy it premade and if the bow is too long)

Add the bow to the middle of the grapevine wreath between the ears (my bow had a twist tie on the backside so I just twist tied it on the back)

Next add the blush flowers to the wreath on either side of the bow (I didn’t glue the flowers in, I just weaved them into the grapevines) depending on where you live, I would add some hot glue to make sure it stays better

Next add the eucalyptus stems. Tuck them underneath the blush flowers and weave them into the grapevine stems



What do you think of this project? Let us know!