Felt Table Runners

Felt Table Runners

This Christmas craft makes a lovely felt table runner - perfect for the holiday entertaining.

What you need

Various colors of felt
Embroidery thread
Craft glue


The first thing you need to do is measure your table to make your runner a suitable length.

Cut your felt to suit the length you would like and make it around 30 cm wide.

If you have a wider table it might like more balanced if you make the runner wider too.

Sew a 1 cm hem all the way around the cloth and cut the corners of each end to give it a pointed finish.

For the Christmas shapes use felt scraps to make a holiday character on each end.

Secure with a few dabs of glue and then embroidery around the edges for a detailed finish.

For Christmas patterns, use children’s coloring in books or draw around Christmas cookie cutters for a simple pattern.

Felt Table Runners Christmas Tree


  1. absolutely, perfectly cute and simple to make for the Holidays or just winter in general if a non “holiday” applique is used ….like penguins, snowmen etc.
    This is very sweet and I think it is right on target!!

  2. Adorable snowman…nice, quick and easy. Love it!

  3. what a beautiful idea.

  4. abc37745@bigpond.net.au says

    I like the xmas felt runner I am going to make it. Thanks

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