Felt Conversation Hearts

Felt Conversation Hearts

These conversation hearts look nice in a "candy" dish or hung from ribbons of varied lengths. The finished hearts are about 4" across.

What you need

Materials for one heart:
pastel colored felt (9×12″)
Polyfil stuffing
needle, sewing thread, embroidery thread, pins
disappearing marker


Measure & cut a 1 & 1/4″ x 12″ strip from the long edge of the felt piece. Cut out the heart pattern, trace 2 hearts onto the felt & cut them out

Beginning at the bottom point of one heart, pin & sew the felt strip all the way around the edge of the heart. I do this by hand with tiny stitches altho it could be done by machine as well.

When you reach the end, trim the excess from the strip—an inch or so—& sew the ends together.

Turn the seam to the inside.

Matching the center top & the bottom point, pin the second heart to the strip.

Sew the edge same as the first leaving an opening to stuff it. The top seam is turned to the inside but the bottom seam is left exposed to give the appearance of molded candy. Stuff the heart with polyfil & finish sewing the opening.

Use the disappearing marker to letter typical conversation heart messages or names on each heart. All capitals & block letters. Embroider the letters with red embroidery thread.

If desired, sew a matching rectangle of felt to the back of the heart to hold a folded $$$ treat for the recipient.

Conversation Hearts Hanging Up

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