Faux Ostrich Feather Centrepiece

Faux Ostrich Feather Centrepiece

Ostrich feathers are very popular and very expensive, This simple tutorial shows you how to fake it.

What you need

1 long white feather boa (around 1 1/2 yards)
4 balloon sticks with balloon holders on top
Craft glue


Start by clipping in one end of the feather boa into the balloon clip on the end of the Balloon stick. Then simply wrap the boa down the stick until you can no longer see the stick. Then wrap it back up the next stick (avoid cutting the boa unless you want a 1000 feathers flying around) clip it in and then back down and into a 3rd stick.

Here is a picture of the completed centerpiece on the table.  We filled with vase with tissue paper and battery operated fairy lights. We strung some plastic garlands off the vase for a more dramatic diamond look.



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