Fairy Garden Coffee Coaster

Fairy Garden Coffee Coaster

Start your morning with a little Magic. This tutorial shows you how to make an adorable fairy garden coaster. These would also make adorable Mother's day gifts and are perfect for Easter decorations too.

What you need

Faux moss or grass
Mini Mushrooms
Craft Glue



I purchased both the moss squares and mushrooms off ebay.You can buy other little fairy themed miniatures which you could add to your coasters too.

Start by cutting out your faux grass or moss. This makes a mess so I suggest you do it outside or on some newspaper and with sharp but old scissors as it tends to blunt the blade.  My moss was on a strong backing felt and didn’t need support. If your moss is flimsy I suggest adding some plastic or wood to the background. (remember it needs to be washable so avoid card stock).

I changed the heights of my three mushrooms as I don’t like uniformity. I did this by cutting the bases to different lengths.

Glue them in place and you are finished.


What do you think of this project? Let us know!