Easy Fabric Bookmark

Easy Fabric Bookmark

A simple, easy to make bookmark using fabric.

What you need

Two pieces of fabric, ~3″ x 7″
Embroidery thread for tassel


1. Cut out two strip of fabric (and interfacing if you want it a littler stiffer). I cut mine 3″ x 7″.

2. With right sides together, stitch the bottom and sides with a 1/4″ allowance.

3. Clip corners and turn right side out.

4. For the tassel, I used instructions from WikiHow and matching embroidery thread.


5.Fold under the top raw edges of the bookmark about 1/4″. Place the tassel in the center in between the fabric and stitch the top of the bookmark closed, securing the tassel.

6. To add the cat image to the bookmark, I ironed a piece of Heat-n-Bond to the back of the fabric and cut out the image.

7. Following the Heat-n-Bond instructions, I ironed the image onto the bookmark.


  1. hammerchips says

    very cute and easy to make

  2. very cute:’)

  3. Awesome but …. where do u get iron ons???

  4. so what i was looking for!

  5. I have been loking for a bookmark and i love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. love it!

  7. Hi I like your cat bookmark. Very cute

  8. This is a simple project with a lot of creative possibilities. Thank You!

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