Egg Carton Crown

Egg Carton Crown

Make a crown out of an egg carton? Yes, you can!

What you need

Egg carton, glue, tape, ribbon, glitter or metallic paint, fake jewels.


Remove the lid from a cardboard egg carton and set it aside for another project. Then cut the bottom of the carton in half the long way.

Cut each half section in half the long way again, leaving four strips with six half-cups each. Overlap and glue two strips together to make one long strip of 11 cups. Let them dry.

Reinforce the connection with a strip of tape. To measure yourself for your crown, wrap the strip around your head until two half-cups overlap. (Add another strip if the two aren’t long enough to wrap comfortably around your head.)

Reinforce it with tape. Cut off the extra, and glue the overlapping cups together.

When the glue is dry, paint the crown with metallic paint. Let it dry.

Glue on jewels and ribbon or glitter, and you are ready to rule!

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