Edible Lip Scrub – Lime and Honey

Edible Lip Scrub – Lime and Honey

It's delicious and it makes your lips soft? Whoa! Yes, it's true. This edible lip scrub is delectable as well as softening.

What you need

Small container


1. In your ramekin, mix together 1 part sugar, 1 part honey, and one part lime juice, freshly squeezed. The amount of one “part” depends on how big your container is. One part should be about a quarter of what will fill your container.

2. Stir honey, sugar, and lime until well combined. From this point, you can add more honey, sugar, or lime depending on what consistency you want. I like mine thicker, so I add more sugar, but if you want it thinner, add more lime juice or for a stickier substance (if its crumbly) add more honey.

3. Fill your container… and test! Spread one layer over your lips and rub. Then, lick your lips… delicious!

This is great to use in a gift of homemade spa products, such as soap, bubble bath, and lip balms.




  1. how long does it keep?

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