Easy to Make Fall Leaves Pillow

Easy to Make Fall Leaves Pillow

This fall leaves pillow is fun and easy to make. Use fabric and felt to create a design that matches the mood and colors of fall!

What you need

To make this pillow cover you will need:

1) Fabric- for the pillow cover,
2) Felt – for the leaves and branch designing,
3) Scissors,
4) Needle and thread,
5) Sewing machine,
6) Pencil.


fall pillow

Step-1: Select a color for your pillow cover. It’s better to select a light color, so that the colorful fall leaves can be highlighted. Cut the fabric according to the pillow size. Draw a branch pattern on the fabric. Use brown felt fabric to cut out patterns for the branch.

fall pillow (2)

Step-2: Prepare needle and thread. Start to stitch the felt branch pattern on the fabric. I did running stitch along the felt branches to attach them with the fabric for the pillow cover fabric.

fall pillow (3)

Step-3: Now cut out leaves from colorful felt fabrics, I used orange, red and yellow. Select a design of your choice for the leaves. Simply stitch them around the branch. I did running stitch along the center line of the leaves to attach them with the pillow cover fabric.

pillow (2)

Step-4: Done with the design? Now complete the pillow cover by cutting a similar piece of fabric and sewing around the sides. For closure you can attach a zipper. Enjoy!

What do you think of this project? Let us know!