Easy Perler Bead Bracelets

Easy Perler Bead Bracelets

Use Perler beads to create these funky retro style Bracelets

What you need

5.5” square pegboard
Perler beads
Perler bead ironing paper
Small bead tweezers
8oz tall skinny Mason jars


  1. Use your bead tweezers to carefully pick up one bead at a time and place it onto your pegboard. You’ll want the beads to stay in a space of 29 beads long and 3 beads wide.

Use your beads to make a pattern into your long and skinny space.

Once your bead pattern is finished, carefully place a piece of ironing paper over top the beads and iron (no water or steam) for several seconds or until you can see the beads start to fuse together.


Remove the iron and carefully pull the paper back off the pegboard (careful this will be hot) and peal the beads off the paper and immediately press around the Mason jar

Once your beads have cooled a touch, remove from the Mason jar and place the two ends together overlapping and hold until completely cooled.

The bracelets will be ready to wear!

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  1. this sounds awesome! i can’t wait to do it

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