Easy Fall Craft Idea: Leaf Bowl

Easy Fall Craft Idea: Leaf Bowl

If you're looking for a unique, elegant and easy fall craft a leaf-bowl might be the answer. Made from paper leaves this fun project can be used to hold other decorative items like acorns or it makes a dramatic holder for a flameless candle. Use a small flameless votive and the bowl will appear to be illuminated from the inside. Slide a clear glass bowl or vase inside the leaf bowl and use it to hold a centerpiece or for serving food.

What you need

1 round balloon, blown up.
Paper or silk leaves (approximately 12 leaves for an average balloon)
Modge Podge
Paint brush


Glue the leaves onto the balloon with the Modge Podge. Start with the largest leaves at the bottom (the large end of the balloon) and overlap them to build texture and strength into the bowl. Use the Modge Podge liberally to keep the leaves bonded to each other. Allow the Modge Podge to dry completely, about 24 hours, and pop the balloon. If some of the rubber sticks to the leaves pull it off gently. With a little patience you can remove it all in just a few minutes.

Tips: Find a small bucket or bowl to rest the balloon in while you’re working and to dry when it’s been completed. The weight of the leaves on the bottom of the balloon gives it a tendency to roll. Finish gluing all the leaves down in one session. If you wait to complete the project the next day the balloon will have changed shape due to shrinkage and subsequent leaves may not fit as nicely.


  1. could you use silk leaves?

  2. Sherrylynns says

    Great idea, think I’ll make one this weekend. Yes it will look nice on my kitchen table.
    The picture, does not do it justice. I bet it really looks store bought. very colorful.

  3. Carol A.J. says

    This sounds like something my grand kids would like to do!

  4. Great idea. I’m going to make a bunch of them.

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