Easter Bunny Farts Printable

Easter Bunny Farts Printable

This Easter tutorial is for a fun free Easter Bunny Fart Printable. Fill the bag with fairy floss of Marshmallows for a fun gift.

What you need

Printable template (below)
Fairy Floss or Candy Floss
Clear Plastic Bags


For this tutorial you need to save the label we have created for you.

Download printable here

You can re-size the label to suit the bag you have, we worked on it being a 1/4 of an A4 sized paper.

Fill a clear bag with candy floss or marshmallows and give them out as bags of Easter Bunny Farts.

Kids and adults alike, will have a giggle.


  1. There is still no printable link. I have tried all the images in this article!
    Yikes, this is frustrating.

  2. There is no printable just a ton of annoying ads

  3. I cannot find the printable.

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